GeoSales OnDemand - Improving the QUALITY and SPEED of sales.
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  • E*Sell

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Drive Sales Productivity

Geo-Spatial Sales Solutions

The Missing CRM Link

  • Improve Sales Productivity up to 50%
  • Effective Pipeline & Account Management
  • Mobile Geo-spatial Prospecting
  • No More Archeological Digs
  • Uncover Missed Opportunities
  • Reduce Cost of Sale
  • Reduce Sales Cycle time
  • Strengthen Customer Relationships
  • Manage Sales Appointments 

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Target Selling: T*Sell
A real time visual plotting of relevant prospect & sales pipeline data aimed at increasing revenue through reducing prospecting time & effective pipeline management. 

Efficiency Selling: E*Sell
A real time visual plotting of territories and accounts, increases margin by reducing sales team turnover and the reduction of the Sales Cycle time.
Sales Appointments: S*Appts
Mapping appointments & tasks to provide the Seller with the ability to plan and see more customers. 

Mobile Selling: M*Sell
Empowers the Seller to sell.  Provides all of the functionality T*Sell and S*Appts while keeping the Seller mobile.


Market Insights: I*Sell
Provides Big Data analysis, visualization and modeling in order to determine where to target, grow and invest in your business

GeoSales OnDemand is the only fully integrated Big Data geo-spatial SaaS Sales application suite for Enterprise CRM customers.  In addition, is the only solution that provides real time geo-spatial prospecting  with contact data.  GeoSales bolts on to any Enterprise CRM application. Read More….

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